Yoga for Seniors with Jane Adams (2nd edition):

Improve Balance, Strength & Flexibility with Gentle Senior Yoga, now with 3 complete practices.

Senior bodies are not all the same! Physical abilities can vary widely from one person to another, and even from day to day. This DVD has 3 complete yoga practices, designed for different levels of physical ability, to meet the varying needs of people over 70.

The goal of this dvd is to help seniors live fuller, more active and independent lives. Special emphasis is placed on working the muscles and joints most needed in everyday life, and to prevent falls. All 3 practices emphasize good posture, full deep breathing, and end with a short relaxation and meditation for a more relaxed body and mind. Filmed in the beautiful flower gardens at the Bibler mansion in Kalispell, MT.





PLEASE NOTE: The streaming video version has closed captioning, but the dvd's do not. To play the streaming video you will need a device capable of playing streaming videos. The fastest way to receive a dvd is to order on Amazon with a credit card. If you do not like to order online you can order with a check from Jane.


This DVD Includes all of the Following:


Jane Adams - Yoga for Seniors DVD

Introduction & Guidelines

Please watch this segment first before doing the active practices. It presents an introductory overview of the practices in this program so that you can find the right level for you and also gives guidelines for practicing safely.

Time: 5min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Seniors DVD

2. Level 1 Chair Yoga

Level 1 is the gentlest practice, all performed seated in a chair. Level 1 has gentle range-of-motion exercises for joint health and mobility, and easy strengthening movements. You'll work your body as fully as possible while seated in a chair. Good posture and full deep breathing are emphasized throughout.

Time: 26min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Seniors DVD

3. Level 2 Chair & Standing by Chair

Level 2 alternates movements performed seated in a chair with movements performed standing alongside and holding onto a chair for support. There are a wide variety of movements to stretch and strengthen the body and many movements to increase foot, ankle and leg strength and to improve balance. This segment ends with a short relaxation and meditation section.

Time: 40min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Seniors DVD

4. Level 3 Stronger Chair & Standing

Level 3 also alternates chair-seated and standing movements, but is a longer and stronger practice than Level 2, with more time spent on the standing and balancing poses. This is perfect for more active seniors who want a somewhat challenging and full body complete yoga practice, but who don't want to get down on the floor.

Time: 57min


Jane Adams Yoga DVD

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