Gentle Yoga:

7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life (40’s – 70’s)

Practice yoga with the beauty and Grandeur of Glacier National Park!  This dvd was developed especially for mid-lifers (40’s – 70’s) to increase strength and flexibility, balance, posture, and create a more relaxed body and mind.  You’ll learn to practice over 100 yoga poses with good alignment for maximum benefit. The poses flow seamlessly one to another to make the most of your time.  Clear instructions and demonstrations make this perfect for beginners.

This dvd includes the 7 active practices described below, as well a wonderful guided relaxation. Read the reviews on Amazon to see why this is the #1 best-selling Yoga DVD on Amazon, as well as the best selling DVD in the entire exercise category!





PLEASE NOTE: The streaming video version has closed captioning, but the dvd's do not. To play the streaming video you will need a device capable of playing streaming videos. The fastest way to receive a dvd is to order on Amazon with a credit card. If you do not like to order online you can order with a check from Jane.


This DVD Includes all of the Following:


Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga DVD

1. Introduction & Guidelines

This short segment gives an introductory overview of the 7 main practices of this video and presents guidelines for safe practice.

Time: 5min


Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga DVD

2. Lying Full-Body Practice

The lying practice is a relaxing, full-body practice, all done lying on your back or side. This is perfect when you want a gentle, yet still complete practice. Many of the poses are done in coordination with the breath to help you relax.

Time: 34min


Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga DVD

3. Morning Energy

The Morning Energy practice has easy standing movements to awaken and energize your whole body and mind. This is the perfect practice to start your day before work.

Time: 18min


Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga DVD

4. Relief from Desk Work

These poses will help relieve stiffness and tension and improve postural imbalances created by sitting for long periods. All the poses are practiced either seated in a chair or standing, and can be done right at your desk.

Time: 19min


Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga DVD

5. Improving Balance

These easy balance exercises and classic beginning yoga balance poses will improve your balance, and strengthen your feet, ankles, legs and hips. They can be practiced with or without the support of a chair.

Time: 23min


Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga DVD

6. Core Strength & Flexibility

These poses will strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, and create more supple, flexible spine and hips. They are all done on the floor, either sitting, kneeling or lying. A strong supple core will help relieve lifestyle related back pain and help protect your back from injury.

Time: 34min


Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga DVD

7. Standing Poses Flow & Traditional

Standing poses are excellent for developing strong flexible legs and hips, and help cultivate confidence. You will learn safe effective alignment of classic yoga standing poses, as well as an easy flowing sun salutation based sequence practiced with a chair. For this practice, you need a yoga mat and a chair.

Time: 23min


Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga DVD

8. Relaxing Evening Practice

The Relaxing Evening Practice includes gentle inversions practiced with a chair, seated forward bends, and lying poses. This practice is perfect before bedtime to help you sleep, or anytime you need to relax and unwind your body and mind. You will need a yoga mat, a chair, and a strap or a belt.

Time: 29min


Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga DVD

9. Relaxation

Enjoy a wonderful guided relaxation, lying on your back. You may want a small pillow for comfort.

Time: 8min


Jane Adams Yoga DVD

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