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I began practicing Yoga 43 years ago when I was 17. Since then I’ve studied with many different teachers and taught yoga to countless individuals. I truly believe yoga can transform lives - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

These dvd’s are a labor of love and the best way I know to help people reap the tremendous benefits of yoga. Practicing yoga at home with a good dvd is an easy, proven way to develop a home yoga practice. All of the movements on my dvd’s are safe and effective for home practice, and will develop strength and flexibility throughout your entire body. Every pose is clearly demonstrated and explained in easy-to-follow plain English. Each dvd has many different poses and sequences, to give you lots of variety and to ensure you are getting a complete full body yoga practice, as well as good value.

I am very grateful to all the kind people who have written wonderful reviews on Amazon and have helped to make them some of the best-selling exercise dvd’s on Amazon. This website is to provide information to help you select the dvd’s that are most appropriate for your needs and that will best help you attain your health and fitness goals.

Wishing you all the best in Health & Happiness,

Jane Adams

Jane’s Videos - DVD and Streaming


Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga DVD

Gentle Yoga

#1 Best Selling Yoga DVD on Amazon

This DVD is designed for people in mid-life (40’s – 70’s) but is perfect for anyone wanting a gentle, safe, yet also complete and effective yoga practice. Some poses are done on the floor or standing without support.

Filmed in Glacier National Park, this dvd has 7 active sections and a guided relaxation.


Jane Adams - Balance & Strength Yoga DVD

Balance & Strength

#1 Best Selling Tai Chi DVD on Amazon

This is designed for Seniors, and anyone wanting an easy, accessible program to develop better balance and strength. Also great for regaining strength after illness or injury and for those with Parkinsons.

Filmed in Glacier National Park, this has 7 practices for developing balance and full body strength, plus over an hour of tai chi developed especially for improving balance in seniors.


Jane Adams - Yoga for Seniors DVD

Yoga for Seniors

#1 Best Selling Senior Yoga DVD on Amazon

This is Jane’s easiest dvd, designed for people over 70. It’s also great if you are recovering from illness or injury, have arthritis, don’t want to get down on the floor, or want a very gentle yoga practice.

Filmed in a flower garden, this dvd has 3 complete practices. Level 1 is all done seated in a chair, and levels 2 & 3 are done seated in a chair or standing next to a chair for support.





Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

Yoga for Beginners

Jane’s Newest Video 2 DVD Set

This is designed for people of all ages wanting a well-rounded complete beginning yoga practice. It is a step above the Gentle Yoga dvd and is great when you are ready for a little more challenge and more variety.

Filmed in Glacier National Park, this 2 dvd set has over 4 and a half hours of expert instruction, with 9 active practices and 2 guided relaxations.



Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD

Stronger Standing Balance

Complete Yoga Balance Program

Currently Unavailable

This is the most complete program available anywhere for improving balance and learning to do standing yoga balance poses with ease. This is a more challenging program than the Balance & Strength Exercises dvd above.

Filmed in a nice yoga studio, this has 7 active sequences focusing on different aspects of improving balance, and a section on understanding balance.



Customer Letters


Thank you – thank you – thank you!

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Hello Jane – Just wanted to thank you for creating the wonderful Gentle Yoga DVD. I’m a 52 year old single mom who loves my 3 daughters and live in the country and work 2 jobs to keep everything going. My life is very full and busy and I rarely have time to relax and take care of myself. I saw your DVD on Amazon and ordered it and it’s amazing how much more peaceful I feel. Not to mention how much it has helped the tension in my back, hips and neck. I’ve ordered two more for friends and they are enjoying it too! God Bless you!"

- Lisa

Love Your Teaching

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"I have been using your dvd’s since they were first available on Amazon and none are as thorough and gentle as yours. You are a true inspiration. I always end my day with one of your DVD’s. Thanks for putting so much work into these. I believe anyone could benefit greatly from their use and as I turn 71 I am so glad I have them."

-  Fondly, Susan

DVD’s are wonderful

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Jane, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I have 2 of your DVD’s so far and I love them both. You have made a huge difference in my life, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. My range of motion and fitness has increased, and pain has decreased.  I hope you will continue making more videos so I can expand and vary my practice. I don’t know how to thank you enough for your gentle introduction to yoga. I feel better and happier and it is because of you."

- Namaste, Karen


Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Years ago I bought your Gentle Yoga from Amazon. I have used it so much. I am a Feldenkrais practitioner and am 65 years old.  I am doing a Yoga teacher’s training thanks to you. I love your approach to Yoga.  It has inspired a practice that has not always been constant except that it is the only dvd I ever use and now more often.  I am very happy to have figured out that I can do this. Thank you for your wonderful teaching!"

- Judith

Dear Jane

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"I have been using your gentle yoga DVD and absolutely love it! You make following the steps very easy. I’m a 48 year old student with a lot of stress and have had multiple injuries and health problems over the years. This is a whole new approach to exercise for me! I have done everything from weight training to running. Because of a recent injury that caused great sciatic nerve pain, my physical therapist suggested yoga. It’s working very well to relieve the pain! I also must say that I love your sweet personality in the video.  You’re like a friend who is helping me to become healthy through exercise and stress reduction!  Look forward to your other DVD’s once I master this one!"

- Robin

Balance & Strength Exercise DVD

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"I’m a 62 year old male with chronic back issues. I purchased this video in December. The results have been amazing. I’m looking forward to a pain free life."

- Thanks, Chuck

Thank You!

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"I wanted to thank you for making this dvd. I am a military retired woman who has many aches and pains, not just from aging but also from my military duty. I have done just about every kind of work out as well as relaxation exercises. Jane, your Gentle Yoga DVD is simply the best I have done. It is not only easy to follow along with and extremely helpful with my ailments, it also calms my mind and spirit. You are amazing. Thank you again."

- Take care, Michelle


Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Hello Jane. My name is Gail Braverman from San Diego, CA. I want you to know how much I have gotten from your DVD’s. They are all outstanding. You have a wonderful variety of yoga sequences. I did three of them this morning and they are extremely useful. I appreciate your pacing. It is calm, clear, and allows space for really participating fully in the pose. I am primarily a therapist here in San Diego, and also have been a Yoga Instructor. I have benefitted greatly from your work and so have my students over time. Thank you for bringing yourself to those of us who do not live near enough to you to attend your classes. Wishing you the very best with all you do."

- Warm regards, Gail

Senior Yoga and Gentle Yoga

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Hello Jane! I want to applaud you for a wonderful yoga experience. I am a 42 year old mother of a 1 and 5 year old and I am morbidly obese. I had been searching high and low for a yoga video for an overweight woman with no luck. Everything was tough on my knees and popped my joints (at least that’s what it felt like). I discovered your Yoga for Seniors DVD at my mother-in-law’s and together we practiced that video, faithfully, 3 days a week for several months. It was gentle, improved mobility, and eased our chronic pain. I have even dropped a significant amount of weight from the peace in my mind and the new love I have for my body.  We have moved through all 3 levels and just begun your Gentle Yoga Video. I LOVE IT!!! We are hooked for life! Thank you for your love and devotion to yoga!! "

- Namaste, Linda

I love your gentle yoga DVD

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Thank you so much for what you do. I’ve been doing the practice that is lying down the whole time for a year now, and also the morning energy practice regularly. I really am able to stick with your routines and love the way that you teach. I’m only 50 but have neck pain. Yoga seems to help a lot – more than anything else really. And I know it will keep helping me as I continue to practice and get older. "

- Thanks again! Jennifer

Tai Chi

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Hello Jane! My sister and I call each other on the phone every night and do your dvd together. We especially love the Tai Chi section. We love you so much, you help us get strong and healthy together and we have so much fun! Thank you for your great videos!"

- Your friends, Melissa and Angela (we’re 50ish)

I love your DVD’s

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Hi Jane, I own all of your yoga dvd’s and absolutely LOVE them! I’m approaching 55 and haven’t worked out in awhile (body aches, stiffness, etc.) and am so glad to say I’ve resumed my wellness routines with a good old Jane Adams workout! Please make more dvds as I’d love to expand my Jane Adams library!"

- Warmly, Anne Marie

Thank You

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Hello Jane, I just purchased your Yoga for Seniors DVD and I wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful DVD! I am a very inactive person who just happens to not be a senior but needed to start moving. The DVD I purchased has done wonders for me. I just wanted to take the time to thank you. I wake up every morning now with hope rather than despair in regards to my physical activity. Thank you very much. You have no idea how much light this DVD has given me "

- Shane

Yoga DVDs

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Dear Jane Adams, I am a 62 year old woman recovering from a long term chronic illness. My doc gave me the go ahead to do any gentle exercises I felt comfortable with and I started with your “Yoga for Seniors” which was perfect.  I am so pleased to find your DVD’s. The scenery, music and voice instruction are all very calming. The exercises are actually doable for someone who has been inactive for years due to ill health. Now I am almost ready to move on to something more challenging. Which of your dvd’s would you recommend?  Thank you so much for making these videos available."

- Most sincerely, Dawna

Balance & Strength DVD

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD - Reviews

"Jane, I bought your video through Amazon a couple weeks ago. I absolutely love it. It could not be better! I’m working my way up the Balance routines as I get stronger over time. And I’m learning the Tai Chi forms one at a time until I’m comfortable with them. I can’t wait to get to the point when I can do them all. It’s so exciting to have a whole new category of exercise to do. I’m 62 and exercised my whole life but a number of health issues hit me in my mid-50’s. Your dvd’s are exactly what I needed to get back on my feet. Thank you for making them! "

- Really, thanks!  Kate

Jane Adams - Yoga DVD Testimonials
Jane Adams - Yoga DVD Benefits
Increase Strength & Flexibility throughout your whole body. Improve joint mobility for greater ease of movement.
Jane Adams - Yoga DVD Benefits
Increase your energy. Experience greater Vitality. Feel better throughout the day.
Jane Adams - Yoga DVD Benefits
Relax deeply with gentle stretches, soft music, and beautiful scenery. Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and experience more restful sleep.
Jane Adams - Yoga DVD Benefits
Improve Balance. Walk, climb and do everything more safely, with greater confidence and grace. Improving balance is one of the most important things you can do to reduce falls, maintain independence and live a full active life.
Jane Adams - Yoga DVD Benefits
Strengthen your Core. Protect your back, reduce back pain, and be able to lift things and do useful work.
Jane Adams - Yoga DVD Benefits
Improve Posture & Spinal Health. Be able to bend, twist and move more freely, stand taller, and breathe more deeply.
Jane Adams - Yoga DVD Benefits
All movements are taught with clear demonstrations, easy-to-follow instructions, and at a comfortable pace.
Jane Adams - Yoga DVD Benefits
Experience all the wonderful benefits of yoga in the comfort of your own home with a convenient, affordable dvd. Learn with Jane Adams, a highly trained and experienced yoga teacher who specializes in yoga for healthy aging.

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