Yoga for Beginners:

A Complete Program with 9 Practices. 2 dvd set.

Filmed in Beautiful Glacier National Park, this 2 dvd set has over 4 and a half hours of expert instruction. With 9 different active practices and 2 relaxations, you’ll experience the many health benefits of yoga. These practices will increase strength and flexibility throughout your entire body, relax your body and mind, improve balance and posture, and enhance overall health and wellness. You’ll learn to safely practice a wide variety of classic beginning yoga poses and common variations, giving you a strong foundation in the essentials of yoga. The poses are taught at an easy-to-follow pace, without fast transitions or long difficult holds. Perfect for beginners, with clear instructions, mirror image demonstrations, and modifications for those who are less flexible.





PLEASE NOTE: The streaming video version has closed captioning, but the dvd's do not. To play the streaming video you will need a device capable of playing streaming videos. The fastest way to receive a dvd is to order on Amazon with a credit card. If you do not like to order online you can order with a check from Jane.


This DVD Includes all of the Following:


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

1. Breath & Gentle Movements with Breath

Basic Yoga Breathing and easy movements done in coordination with the breath. This gentle practice with help calm your nervous system, relax your body and mind, and help reduce the negative effects of stress. All poses are done lying on your back.

Time: 19min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

2. Standing Poses

In Standing Poses, you'll learn safe, effective alignment for these important full body poses, without long difficult holds. Standing poses develop strong flexible legs and hips, and help cultivate a feeling of inner strength.

Time: 20min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

3. Upper Body Strength & Flexibility

Upper Body Strength & Flexibility begins with range of motion exercises and strength work needed for yoga, and ends with stretches. You'll strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back, and develop the strong flexible upper body needed to safely progress in yoga.

Time: 22min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

4. Standing Balance Poses

Standing Balances starts with easy balance exercise, includes all the classic beginning yoga balance poses, and builds up to the more challenging balance Half Moon. You'll develop strong feet and legs, improve your balance, and learn to do challenging yoga balances with confidence.

Time: 24min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

5. Complete Floor Practice

This slow paced and relaxing practice is all done on the floor, and combines hip openers and leg stretches with some upper body and torso stretches. It's perfect when you want a complete, but also relaxing practice.

Time: 29min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

6. Complete Standing Practice

This somewhat faster paced and energizing practice is all done standing, and includes standing poses, easy balances and upper body work. This is perfect when you have limited time, but want a full-body, energizing practice.

Time: 22min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

7. Shorter Relaxation

This 8 minute basic guided relaxation will help you deeply relax and is the perfect way to end your yoga practice.

Time: 8min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

8. Core Strength & More

These poses will strengthen your abdominals, upper and lower back, and hips. A strong core will protect your back from injury, improve posture, and support and enhance everything you do physically.

Time: 30min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

9. Lying Poses for Flexibility

This slower-paced practice is all done lying on your back. These longer held stretches, some done with the support of blankets and a strap, will help coax tight stiff muscles to relax and lengthen.

Time: 36min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

10. Hip Openers, Twists & Forward Bends

This section includes a wide variety of poses to stretch muscles all throughout your legs and hips, along with twists for a supple healthy spine. These are all done on the floor, either kneeling or sitting. You may want to have a blanket handy for comfort while kneeling.

Time: 30min


Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners DVD

11. Longer Relaxation with Visualization

This longer relaxation with visualization will help your body and mind to fully relax and unwind.

Time: 15min


Jane Adams Yoga DVD

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