Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD


Stronger Standing Yoga Balance:

7 Practices from Easy Balance Exercises to Classic Yoga Balances

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This dvd has 7 completely different practices to help you progressively improve your balance; strengthen your hips, legs, ankles, feet and core; and master yoga standing balance poses. With many helpful tips to make balancing easier, you’ll learn to do these poses safely and with confidence in the privacy of your home.

Improving balance will affect everything you do physically. Good balance will help you move safely with confidence and grace. Balance training will enhance athletic performance, improve focus and concentration, create strong supple feet and ankles, and help prevent falls.





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This DVD Includes all of the Following:


Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD

1. Introduction & Understanding Balance

This section provides a lecture & slideshow introduction for understanding the body’s physical balance system, and has tips for making balance easier.

Time: 10min


Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD

2. Awakening the Muscles of Balance

This section has non-balancing movements, done on the floor or seated, to strengthen and awaken the muscles in the feet, ankles, legs, hips and core that are most involved in balancing.

Time: 19min


Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD

3. Balance Exercises

Suitable for all levels, this section has a wide variety of easy standing balance exercises that can be done with or without the support of a chair.

Time: 14min


Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD

4. Standing Poses

This section has classic beginning yoga standing poses, that are taught with an emphasis on strengthening the feet and ankles.

Time: 9min


Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD

5. Casual & Freeform Balancing

This section demonstrates ways you can incorporate balance exercises into everyday life, and has fun ways to play with balance.

Time: 3min


Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD

6. Yoga Balances, Level One

In this section you’ll learn the beginning stages of classic yoga balance poses. They are taught using optional support from a wall or a chair to make the poses easier. Poses taught include Tree, King Dancer, Eagle, Warrior III, Extended Hand to Big Toe pose, and Half Moon. Props used include 1-2 blocks, a chair, and a wall.

Time: 17min


Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD

7. Yoga Balances, Level Two

This section has classic versions of beginning yoga balance poses, taught as they are commonly practiced with little to no support. You’ll also learn some intermediate yoga balance poses, taught with support. Poses taught include Tree Pose, easy variations of tree pose, King Dancer, Eagle, Contracted Eagle, Warrior III Easy Variation, Warrior III Classic, Warrior III to Standing Splits, Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose using a wall for support, Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose using a strap, Revolved Hand to big toe pose using a wall and a strap, Half Moon with a block and a wall, and Revolved Half Moon with a block and the wall.

Time: 27min


Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD

8. Yoga Balances, Level Three

This section has a flowing sequence of yoga balance poses, using no props or support. This intermediate/advanced section is for people who have developed good balance and are quite flexible, who want a challenging balance sequence. Please make sure your body is warmed up before practicing.

Time: 12min


Jane Adams - Stronger Standing Balance DVD

9. Relaxation

A nice guided relaxation, lying on your back on the floor.

Time: 6min


Jane Adams Yoga DVD

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